Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS

How are your efforts affecting your customer lifecycle?
Correlate key business decisions to your customer acquisition and retention efforts. 

As your company scales, iterates, innovates and creates processes, you would hope to not only acquiring customers at a faster pace, but also retain them longer, correct? One would assume as product/market fit is found, domain experts are hired and new campaigns are launched that customer retentions gets better... but how do you know?

With our free template you'll be able to:
  • Easily enter customer lifetime information in a pre-formatted section. 
  • Generate a monthly and quarterly cohort analysis of your customer retention efforts. 
  • Compare your cohort analysis against company milestones to understand what is generating the highest-quality customers for your business.

Whether you're studying the effects of a new product feature or marketing campaign, we can help.

Download our Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template today.